Remote Learning

Remote Learning Offer

Our remote learning offer is effective in meeting the learning needs of those children who are not currently in school. There is a wide range of activities available to ensure that children receive high quality education, which will enable them to continue to progress at a good rate. Children are keen to take part in the live online lessons and attendance is excellent.

Remote Learning in the Early Years

Our remote learning offer for the children in Reception Classes at St. Mary’s is as follows:

  • A daily home letter uploaded onto Google Classroom and Tapestry, which outlines the tasks in phonics, literacy, maths, PE, PSHE and the foundation subjects, for parents.
  • 30 minute online lessons in phonics and maths four days a week
  • Weekly interventions to support identified children in both phonics and communication and language
  • Weekly pre-recorded activities / videos on Tapestry for RE, storytelling, and art.

Remote Learning in Years 1-6

Children at home and those who come to school receive the same curriculum, lessons and tasks. Home learning includes the following:

  • Teachers send a letter explaining the day’s work
  • Daily Maths and English live lessons delivered twice in most instances, to ensure that numbers are kept to about 15 or less. A weekly live Religious Education and Science lesson
  • Daily ‘catch up’ interventions and regular interventions aimed at identified pupils.
  • Daily foundation and other core subject tasks, or signposting to longer term research projects
  • Music and PE challenges
  • Weekly acts of worship (currently four live or recorded sessions per week)
  • Work related support in live lessons
  • Signposting to a range of websites and other learning activities

Remote Learning for SEND pupils

  • Staff make learning accessible and relevant to all pupils, including through differentiation, taking into account the ILPs of SEND pupils.
  • LSAs provide Live 1:1 video sessions for some EHCP children at home, either because they can’t access the level of whole class teaching or in addition to this.
  • Support Staff lead live video and/or small intervention groups session for specified children, which include those with SEND
  • Weekly phone calls to parents of EHCP pupils who are not able to access live sessions due SEN needs, and providing help with learning.
  • Laptops available to SEN pupils if they are at home.
  • Learning packs available to identified SEN pupils either delivered or sent online.
  • 1:1 LSAs provided for EHCP children in school.
  • Remote Learning Policy