Sponsoring Churches

“Two are better than one…” Ecclesiastes chapter 4 verse 9

St Mary’s CE Primary School is in the unusual and privileged position of having two sponsoring parishes. The two churches represent different traditions within the Church of England and is a positive asset for the school.

St Mary-at-Finchley is a church in the Liberal Catholic tradition. The school was founded from St Mary’s over 200 years ago for the benefit of the parish. St Mary’s church continues to cherish the link between church, school and community, sharing people and other resources.

St Paul’s Finchley, which was planted out of St Mary-at-Finchley in 1886, is a church in the open evangelical tradition. The church is ethnically diverse and host a number of other Christian congregations. Ministry among families, children and young people is a priority.

Here are some examples in which the two Churches support our school:

  • Leading and resourcing Collective Worship
  • Running RE workshops,
  • Hosting the church services, visits and workshops
  • Providing pastoral support at times of need
    Praying for our school community
  • Representing each parish of the school’s Governing Body
  • Initiatives pertaining to our Christian ethos and vision e.g charities, special events/projects etc.

Please click on the link to view further information about our sponsoring churches.

St Mary’s at Finchley

St Paul’s Finchley

Church of England